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Jun 18, 2018

*We interview Amy a Full Time rideshare driver.

*Talk about the constant issue parking in front of the Bob

*Uber's new patent request for software that detects if the passenger is too drunk to ride.

* We watch a video from Terry Tips:

   this guy is hilarious. Lots of fun videos.

*Instapay wasn't working for some drivers because the passengers had not paid for the ride and uber told them that they couldn't cash out.


*Much Much More!

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Show Notes:


Questions for Amy:

What kind of vehicle do you use for rideshare driving?


Do you like uber or lyft better?


What are some negative experiences you have had with uber/lyft?


Do you think help is readily available if needed from uber/lyft support?


Thoughts on passenger ratings and driver ratings?


Issues that you see being a female driver?


What types of rides do you do? Airport? Bar crowd? Event crowd?


Do you you ever feel unsafe driving?


Would you recommend driving for uber/lyft to other female drivers?


Do you think females receive more tips?


Thoughts on the women only rideshare company in Canada? It’s called DriveHer.


Rideshare in the news:


Uber is apparently developing some sort of algorithm to detect if the pax is to drunk. Will Apple allow this much invasion on their platform?

Hilarious video!!! Terry Tips on youtube.


The driver of the lyft vehicle and the driver charged with dwi on drugs…. Lyft passenger was killed. I am curious if she was wearing a seatbelt.


Instapay not working:


Apparently uber stated that the driver had a bunch of paxs that card didn't work and so she couldn't cash out…..WTF?


Tip Time:


Steps when you get a puker:


What do you report to uber

What do you do first?

How to keep someone from puking.


Questions from our Local Facebook Group:


Where is the proper place to drop off at the bob?


Can I drive with a friend in the car for safety?


Can I turn on Uber and Lyft at the same time or do I need two phones?


Current Events:


Today I learned: